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My Fav Lunch Box! ­čŹ▒

by Min Kwon on Oct 24, 2021

My Fav Lunch Box! ­čŹ▒

When it comes down to lunch box, OMIE BOX is my top choice and for me and Jessica Woo, the self-styled Bento Box Queen from TikTok said for something a little less childlike, OmieBox bento is probably the best bet.

The best thing about this lunch box is that it comes with a thermos food section where you can keep hot food fairly warm (this is really important since they don't have a microwave at my child's school). And because of this section you really don't need a separate container. Its colorblock design is perfect for the school-aged kid who still uses a lunch box but who has outgrown styles festooned with trucks or unicorns.

*I went for the yellow color since the warmer tones like red, orange, yellow are supposed to stir up a sensation of hunger which my son desperately needs! :P


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